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Anushiksha aims for holistic development and growth of children from economically and socially weaker sections through learning initiatives beyond academics in Kangra district of rural Himachal Pradesh.

Most children in villages go to the government schools in their vicinity. These school children do not have the kind of exposure and opportunities that the urban kids have. Except for the duration of time spent in school, no one monitors the way they spend their time once they are back from school. Those children who have access to some devices either browse through unfiltered content, or just loiter around aimlessly. Some are also falling prey to addiction due to the drug menace coming across the Punjab border. Overall, the children in villages here are either leading monotonous lives from school-to-home-to-school, or drifting purposelessly looking forward to any means of livelihood.

The girl child from the economically lower strata specially needs attention, as she faces a lot of discrimination since early childhood. Those who are keen to study further, need to be supported to continue their education beyond the middle and the secondary levels. It is important to keep the student alive through interventions for them to have better growth opportunities.

Project Objectives

a) Provide rural children an opportunity of holistic growth through various learning initiatives;
b) Channelize their talents to help them enhance their abilities and capabilities to the maximum possible;
c) Expose them to the country’s art and culture;
d) Imbibe in them a spirit of patriotism;
e) Build such rural landscape that makes them grow in an atmosphere of certain creativity and vibrancy, which they are invariably deprived of due to lack of exposure;
f) Provide them a platform to showcase their achievements through cultural events.

Project Benefits

a) Through Anushiksha the children receive positive inputs for their growth and all around personality development. They get the exposure and the opportunities that they are missing out compared to their urban compatriots.
b) Children from economically and socially weaker sections, specially the girl child, are empowered physically, mentally, emotionally and educationally.
c) Education and entertainment combined in this manner makes the lives of the children more vibrant, happy and fulfilling.

Children in age group 8 to 14 years from nearby villages benefit from this. Besides Abacus and Vedic math, they learn environmental sciences, sustainable lifestyle, yogasanas, health & hygiene, soft skills, art & craft, self defense / martial arts, classical and other dance forms, music and various cultural aspects of India.

Classes are conducted offline and outdoors where children can imbibe through experiential learning. These classes are conducted on weekends and school holidays.