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Nivritti is established with a simple aim to help create happy, healthy and life-enhancing ecosystems within and without. It set out to achieve this by focusing on the three most essential and elementary ingredients that are very necessary for life—heath, food and education. If these three basic requirements are taken care of in the manner it is supposed to be, the rest will all follow beautifully.

Needless to say, there is no health without the right food, and there’s no good food and health without ‘knowing’ the ‘how’ of it. Each of these is equally important, and none of them can be undermined. Hence Nivritti strives to work for universal well being by creating awareness on these core issues through empowering educational programmes on natural health and soil health.


Health & Well being

We share knowledge of the ways to soak in the healing dimensions of Mother Nature, so that we can achieve permanent health, naturally.


We strive to enrich human life, improve environmental health and create livelihood opportunities by bringing in awareness through learning initiatives.

Sustainable habitats

We have created a role model of sustainable living by promoting natural way of life amongst students, farmers and individuals through training programs.

Conservation and Environment Protection

We work towards conserving biodiversity and environment and help improve the scope of livelihood in rural India.

Partnerships for Sustainable Development

We welcome collaborations and partnerships with individuals, organisations and agencies that share our vision and concerns.