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About Nivritti

Nivritti is a non-profit organisation, registered in 2004 as a Trust under Registration Act 1908/Income tax act 1961 of Sub Registrar New Delhi. 

Nivritti has created a Centre of Learning and a Role Model of Sustainability at its headquarters, Shraddha Suman, in the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. The organization strives to make a positive social and environmental impact through educational programs and advocates sustainable habitats in order to create healthier ecosystems within and without.

Nivritti initiatives towards this end include

  1. UGAM: Promoting sustainability, conservation and environmental protection through Unconventional Greener Agricultural Methods with an aim to mitigate the negative impact of conventional agriculture on the environment while still maintaining productivity and profitability. Emphasis is on an integrated approach where agro-economy is not just ecologically sustaining but is the basis of overall sustainable development.
  2. Health Nectar: This is an initiative to inculcate true health culture amongst the people. It aims to help us all tap into the healing dimensions of Mother Nature, so that we can achieve permanent health, naturally. Through this initiative, Nivritti seeks to share with every health seeker the ways to soak in the benefits of this perennially flowing nectar that gives us permanent health.
  3. Anushiksha: Aims towards holistic development and growth of children from economically and socially weaker sections through learning initiatives beyond academics in Kangra district of rural Himachal Pradesh. The objective is to provide them an opportunity to grow beyond the conventional education system.